Thursday, May 22, 2008

Up a pawn and drawn Shredder

As White against Deep Shredder I blundered my Queen's Knight for a pawn early in the game but then, always up a pawn, I managed to keep the game even throughout a queen endgame and queen swap to a rook endgame with my 3 against his 2 pawns. Only at the very end Deep Shredder snatched my last pawn, and all material was traded down to the naked kings. Playing more than forty moves against the silicon monster with the reserve of only one pawn and not losing, this may be called a success.

White to move.

In this position, I had forced the swap of the dark-squared bishops on a3. In odds games, trading pieces is a general strategy, but it should be done very carefully. In most cases it is better first to complete development and block counterplay.

The move h3 looks very natural in this position. Do you see what happens after the trade on f3? Comments are welcome.

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