Friday, September 28, 2007

Winterthur: One Week To Start

who will be

Who will be my first opponent at Winterthur Chess Week, next Friday? Most likely it will be one of these players, and whoever it will be, I am looking forward to that game. The reason is simple. First, it will be my strongest opponent of all times in a direct one-to-one encounter. Second, I have the opportunity to play my best chess, whatever it will be that day. Is it good, my opponent will have to work a bit for his or her victory. Is it bad, I will be punished immediately, giving me the opportunity to learn a lot. Whatever may happen, I only can win.

My mental preparation for this game is quite simple. I just imagine sitting at the board and looking at the two sets of pieces in their home position. Does this look like an advantage of my opponent? I say to myself: They play with the same pieces as me, these are not magic pieces at all. And this is not Vishy but just an IM or FM or WGM. Against Vishy they just would look like me now. They would have the chance of a good game against Vishy, so I will have the same chance against them. Yeah.



At 5:16 PM, Blogger likesforests said...

Wow, good luck at the tournament! I would love to attend, but my car only has summer tires, and I imagine the drive from California to Switzerland would be a long one. May you not hang any pieces when you face those strong players, and so wind up with a game that is interesting and worthy of a post-mortem analysis.


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