Friday, September 21, 2007

Seventh Winterthur Chess Week

winterthur chess week
October 5th-13th, 2007

In two weeks, I'll be participating once more in this exciting tournament. As you can see in the list of participants, four GM and many more titled players will be in the same pool as me. This time, I have been listed with my new FIDE rating of 1826, thus my first opponent will be stronger than those of the previous chess weeks. Thus, other than in the previous events where I had been listed by my much lower Swiss national rating, I have a reputation to defend.

Last year I did a lot of CTS training as a preparation. This year I am too busy, plus I am not convinced that it had helped me much.

The atmosphere is unique, and most participants come here every year. Why not you? Would be nice to meet you here in Winterthur. Inscription is still open.



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