Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rules Applied the Wrong Way

Dumb patzers do not know the rules, so they cannot apply them. Smart patzers - I count myself to that species - know the rules but apply them the wrong way. This is what happened in my last game, but my mistake has remained unpunished.

Black to move.

In this position I did not remember any theory but tried to invent all from scratch by applying simple opening rules. "Move every piece once before moving a piece twice, unless there is a tactic." Okay, I said to myself: It is the turn of my light-squared bishop. Another rule (for middlegames) says that you must trade off the strongest piece of the opponent, hence Bc4. But if I move Be6, I get a double pawn, therefore this must be prepared. How? Castling may be too early and may be better longside. Therefore I played Qe7, unfortunately overlooking that the queen is not safe at this place, and fortunately my opponent missed to attack her by Nd5 (forcing the pathetic retreat to d8).

Instead, moving the knight Nc6-a5 twice, before moving the bishop, would have been much better. Is there a tactic? Yes, because the white bishop is restricted and cannot be saved from being traded, and with my knight move, this goal is reached faster than with my original plan. In addition I gain the bishop pair. This is not yet an advantage because the center is still closed, but lines will open up during the game, so my stocks will rise the longer the game goes on.

Improved version of the move-once rule: In the opening, move every piece once before moving a piece twice, unless there is a tactic for either side.

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At 2:54 AM, Blogger likesforests said...

It sounds like you applied the rule "Move every piece once before moving a piece twice, unless there is a tactic" correctly--you just didn't spot the tactic.

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Glenn Wilson said...

I like the looks of ...Bg4 in the diagrammed position. It develops a piece and readies possible q-side castling. Further it threatens ...Nd4 which can mess up White's k-side pawn structure.

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Christian said...

Glenn, I also have looked at Bg4 but rejected it because it may discourage White from castling short where I plan to attack with my pawns, furthermore, if so, Bg4 would block the pawn advance. But Deep Shredder finds Bg4 quite ok.


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