Friday, September 21, 2007

Great New Forum By Susan Polgar is a brand new forum with excellent features and the potential to become one of the best chess sites, depending on what users will build this community and what they will post. There are already 400+ registered users, me included. Susan Polgar hopes that this forum will bring together players of all levels, a hope that I share. Time will tell.

One of the greatest features is the possibility to upload games in .pgn format, these can be played online, and comments are also displayed. I have tried it out with uploading my big swindle game of last Winterthur Chess Week, and it works.

Hope to see you all in the Forum.



At 10:40 PM, Blogger Joshua said...


Sorry if this isn't the appropriate place, but I couldn't find your email to contact you directly. I run a community chess video site ( and we recently introduced free chess training videos from IM Luis Coelho. I was looking for bloggers' perspective on the videos and wanted to know what you think. The video is in two 30-minute parts, both of which are available here:

Josh Specht


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