Monday, June 18, 2007

Back To The Roots

I have re-discoverd a training method of the very beginning of my chess life: son against father. Now I am the father, and my son's playing strength is considerably lower than mine, therefore I give him the odds of a knight. Of course, as odds-giver, I am always White, and this position frequently arises on the board.


White to move.

In earlier games I used to launch a queenside pawn attack on his bishop and knight and often got my piece back. But as he improved his game, I began to lose with such a strategy. This is a wonderful thing: In handicap games, the stronger player has an equal opportunity to learn and to improve as the weaker player. My son is improving on his level, I am improving on mine. I started with a winning streak, losing now and then. Meanwhile I have to fight hard for every win, and often I only get a draw, and the losses become more frequent.

I must say, this is much more fun than CTS. Back to the position: The best plan for White is of course Bg5 to pin the knight and doing everything to make d3-d4 possible the sooner the better.

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