Monday, April 16, 2007

UPS Excellent, But No Guarantee

I have been away from chess and internet for a week. After my return, many other things than chess demanded my attention. But yesterday, I played two grandmaster games from my newspaper, doing a move-by-move UPS. For one part, this is a training. And for the other part it is an opportunity to see how far UPS can bring me to the best move.

Not very far, I must admit. But these are grandmaster games. Grandmasters do not blunder most of the time. But even so, UPS gives me better insight into a game, into its hidden structures and possibilities.

UPS is a must, but there is a big caveat: You must not forget other motifs. For instance, one of the games was decided by a weak back rank together with an advanced passer - immune due to the back rank weakness.



At 2:31 PM, Blogger BlunderProne said...

Perhaps you should try FED-EX?

Free Every Defender -EXcept Opponent's

At 9:34 PM, Blogger transformation said...

why do you single out undefended pieces, as primary? of course, my chess is no greater than yours, so am checking in as a peer here, if you don't mind.

i try to use king safety (i.), open ranks and files, open diagonals, (ii. mobiltiy), weak dark light square complexes, pawn structure (iii. plan & space), initiative and weak squares (iv. force), in addition to UPS (v.) or what you call undefened peace scan.

take care, dk


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