Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Hunting With King, Bishop and Knight

I have done KBN vs. K exercises several days now, and interestingly I learned that Wormwood did exactly the same in december.

The way I do it is simple: I mingle the four pieces in my hands and put them on the board, not looking. Then I give the black King who is losing anyway the first move.

After having reached the theoretical start position at the border I usually stop, because now follows the well-known standard procedure. But from time to time I do it a tempo, just to refresh.

But the interesting part is chasing the King from a random position to the border. I mean the optimal way. I mean as fast as possible. And I mean with the optimal defense of the black King.

The most fascinating situation occurs if I manage to chase the King not to the theoretical starting position which is at the sixth file from the goal corner, but somewhere in between, entering the highway from a side road.

More about this in a later post ...


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