Thursday, December 14, 2006

Does The Theory Apply?

The theory of corresponding squares is a fine thing, this is for sure. If it applies, it allows to determine the right move for attack or defense in any position and without any doubt and with mathematical precision. A wonderful thing, this theory.

Two difficulties. First it is important to know whether the theory applies in a given position or if it does not apply.

Well, maybe not so difficult to find out. It must be a king and pawn ending. No other pieces. Has the defender any pawn move? If so, the theory does not apply. Has the defender a counter-attack? If so, again the theory does not apply. In any position with no pawn moves (spare tempi) of the defender and with no counter-attack, the theory of corresponding squares applies.

So far so good. But now comes the real difficulty: How can we find the corresponding squares? This question is far too premature. Other questions have to be answered first. I'll deal with them in another post. Just that much: Kings must fly by helicopter, just as kings of real countries use to do.


At 10:14 AM, Blogger transformation said...

jim, slowmouse CANNOT have far to go to 94.7% (really, 94.6501%) since dogWaste just passed you after a LOT of hard work, and a few problems latter rolled the next decimel to post 94.7%'. see you at 95.8%.

4/388= 402 @ 99.005% last four sessions.
0/143= 143 @ 100% to start out...

we had no electricity in seattle the last two days, a national disaster with terrible wind and rain and flooding. im glad to have my internet back, not to mention a hot bath and heat. :)

At 1:55 AM, Blogger selur said...

that about the rule not applying if there is a extra tempo(breaktrough) or counterattack, is not correct- that is why mueller explains the concept- anti opposition in his ,,secrets of pawn endings,, chapter 12. check out Vaganian-Neto 1979 and Euwe 1924 + Reti 1929


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