Thursday, November 30, 2006

Knowing The Last Resort

Definition: a fortress is a position down in material but safe because it cannot be attacked without giving material back.

(Black to move and not to win)

A very beautiful chess lesson yesterday. Kramnik has been forced to give the Exchange for a very dangerous distant passer. Then he quietly built a fortress that cannot be broken. The interesting thing is that computers are still far from being able to understand such a concept. Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, author of Shredder and member of the Kramnik team, says that there are just too many fortresses, an nearly infinite number of them, just impossible to store them all in a database. It seems that computers just cannot separate a fortress from a non-fortress.

White puts his King on the safe place g2 and moves his Bishop, always looking at f2.

GM Arthur Jussupov said that the only winning try of Black is 1.-g5 in order to push a pawn to g4, then come with his King to e4. His only chance to win is this blunder of White: letting Black sac the Exchange back at e3, leading to a pawn endgame lost for White.

But Deep Fritz does not understand this at all. He played h5, devaluating his remaining pawns.


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