Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Endgame Trend

On average of the past two years, 20 percent of the moves in my slow games were endgame moves.

In my four latest games, 41 percent of the moves were endgame moves.

In my last game, 64 percent of the moves were endgame moves!

Is this a trend or mere coincidence? Anyway, I think it is worthwile to learn more about endgames. I do not know exactly how and what, but I have some books about endgames, and surely I should take them and blow the dust from their cover.


At 11:16 PM, Blogger wormstar said...

sounds like a good idea if that many of your moves are endgame. I still almost never reach endgame, but when I get there, I get murdered by people 200 pts lower than myself. :/

did you already do the karsten müller dvds? I can't remember which of you knights have done them... I got the second one, thinking I already pretty much knew the material in the first dvd, but watching karsten slam the variations through at lightning speed made me realize I'm not even close to knowing them. so, after I get properly over 1600 at CTS, I'm gonna start drilling the 1st dvd material until I can blitz any variation without hesitation. then I'm going to do the same to the 2nd dvd, and probably the new 3rd one as well. so that I will never ever have to lose basic endings again.

that's my plan anyway, I hope I don't let myself slip out of it. :)

At 8:52 AM, Blogger Mousetrapper said...

Worm, I know Karsten Müller from his chesscafe column. I plan to download all his stuff. But first I go through an Edmar Mednis book, also based on a column, decades ago, but written for endgame beginners like me.


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