Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Emperor's New Strategy

(A fairy tale, original idea by Hans Christian Andersen)

Once upon a time there was an emperor. He was known for his wonderful strategies. He spent lots of money on them, and at his court he hired only the best strategy makers. He liked to present himself to the crowd, wearing his newest strategy, and he enjoyed the hails and praises from the grandmasters and from the crowd.

One day, two strategy makers showed up at the court. Nobody had seen them before. They boasted they could make a strategy unseen before. A strategy that allowed patzers be distinguished from masters. Only masters would be able to see it. The emperor was excited and hired the strategy makers.

They supposed to work hard, and when the strategy was finished, the emperor took it on and presented himself to the grandmasters and to the crowd:

«Wonderful, look at this», said the first grandmaster. «Knight on the rim, his future is dim». «Knight-on-rim, fu-ture-dim», chanted the crowd. The emperor raised his hand, and the crowd got silent on the spot.

«White ist strategically lost», said the second grandmaster. «Black has a queenside majority and will win with a distant passer.» «Dis-tant-pas-ser, ...», chanted the crowd.

«No, even better», said the third grandmaster. «As the white pawn is hanging, Black even gets two connected passers, and I cannot see how the white pawn can be saved.» «Not-be-saved, ...», chanted the crowd.

«Even in such a wonderful strategy, tactics play a role, sometimes», said a very old and wise grandmaster. «Because of his weak back rank, White is forced to swap queens, and this is a prerequisite of the black strategy.» «Queen-must-go, ...», chanted the crowd. Again the emperor raised his hand, and the crowd was silent on the spot.

Then a little girl said: «But he gets checkmated!» Only the people next to her could hear it. But the word spread as rapid as a bush fire: «He is checkmate. He is checkmate. He is checkmate...»

Everybody on court looked for the two strategy makers in order to hang them. But they had taken their money and disappeared. Nobody has ever seen them again.


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i see the game disturbed you


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