Friday, November 24, 2006

Avoiding Patzer Draws

A grandmaster draw is negotiated after move 17 or so in a well-known theoretical «even» position. A patzer draw is negotiated after move 35 or so as soon as the endgame is reached and no side has a material advantage.

This is because many patzers are bad endgamers and often are in zeitnot or tired or do not like to risk anything.

A wonderful opportunity to build an anti-strategy: Avoid patzer draws and play the endgame, even if it is an «even» position. Of course, I (patzer) must be better in endgame than my opponent (patzer). Psychologically it is my advantage to continue, if my opponent thinks that it is time for a draw. He will feel uneasy, maybe even upset, and this will cause him to play inaccurately.

I am reading a book by Edmar Mednis «Gewinne das Endspiel», translated from «Practical Endgames». It has a big section of annotated Karpov endgames, many of them won from minute positional advantages.

Well, if Karpov can win «even» endgames against grandmasters, I hope that I can win «even» endgames against patzers. I look forward to my next endgame. I'll play it out, be it even nor not.


At 12:14 AM, Blogger Guillaume de Rouzé said...

I totally agree. PLay until only the kings remain on the board !!


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