Monday, September 04, 2006

What Is A Good Move?

A move that provokes a bad move of the opponent. And what is an excellent move? A move that forces a bad move of the opponent.

In my last game, when my opponent played Qa5, I was a bit shocked and asked myself, had I played hope chess? I thought this move was good, and even Deep Shredder ranks it as a top candidate. It forces queen swap, and on first sight this must be in favour of Black because I am down a pawn and must keep my queen for attack.

But then I discovered Rc1, and because Qa5 has provoked a good move, Qa5 is not really good. And why is Rc1 good? Because it leaves Black with two bad options: a) queen swap loses one more tempo for Black and wins a tempo for White (for rook doubling on c-file), and b) without queen swap the position of the queen is of no use which means also the loss of a tempo.

CTS performance: 92% @ 1450 (n=95)


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