Friday, September 01, 2006

Story of a Lost Point at Chess Tactics Server

The important things do not happen on the chessboard. They happen in the brain. Nobody can look into the brain. Therefore I have to use everyday pictures to describe what happens there over and over again. Or what I think that happens.

Oh, again such a chunky thing! Must make it smaller to fit in, then I win the point. Where did I put my plane? Aaargh! O, here it is. Let's plane that thing down. Oh shit, this is not wood, it is metal. Where is the file? Oh these files, where did I put them? Here it is. Oh shit, too fine, I need a coarse one. A coarse file, a scrub file. Where, where? O yes, here, finally. I got it. Now let's make this chunk smaller. It fits.

Chess Tactics Server: Yeah. You've solved the problem ... in a lot of seconds. ( Result 0.01 : 0.99 ) Your new rating is ... (-1.00)

Moral of the story: What I need is a well-organized, tidy toolbox in my brain. This is the first rule I learnt as a schoolboy in the manual skill lesson. The rule has been posted to the wall of the school work-shop. It said «Jedes Ding an seinem Ort erspart viel Müh und böse Wort» (Every thing in its place saves a lot of labour and dispute).

CTS performance today: 91% @ 1463 (n=226)


At 11:22 AM, Blogger transformation said...

always good stuff here... im on vacation, so when not in fitness training some time during the day, or nursing a tan at the lake, or on the phone with my girlfriend having a russian discussion translated into good english, its tactics, tactics, tactics.... 200+ today....

my goodness. 88 and 90% is awesome. glad you are doing percentile, so im not totally alone here? i must get moving to catch you! david

At 6:57 PM, Blogger takchess said...
Buried in this archive is the categories of tactics as viewed by CT-art.

Unsure if they say this in Europe but here are some American woodshop sayings.

Measure twice and cut once.

Check recheck and check again

At 7:27 PM, Blogger Mousetrapper said...

Thx takchess, I have seen many category lists in many books. They just do not help me a lot because they are on paper and not buried in my brain. Therefore my project is to build my own list, in my own words, with my own logic, based upon what I have come across on CTS.

My list will also contain items so simple they never are in any book or tactic training tool.

Yes, measure twice and cut once is also a saying here, it was one of the things our woodshop teacher told us, too.


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