Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Slowmouse Is Back

Well it was more or less forced, this return of Slowmouse at Chess Tactics Server. I have been doing some 4000 CTS problems as Mousetrapper, but with the percentage focus of old Slowmouse, lifting my overall success rate from 78% to 82%. this brought me up from success rank 470 to about 270.

Slowmouse is unhappy with any session below 95%. Today I did 95.9% of 218 @ 1450 which brought me up to rank 21 in the success list. Half of the guys in the top twenty have about a hundred or less tries and most of them with very low ratings. Which means that they just wanted to get top ranked in percentage. If we take only the 1000+ tries, Slowmouse is already in the top ten.

Interestingly, Slowmouse has a rating of about 1440, 20 more than Mousetrapper.

But I have to be humble. Look at the success distribution. The curve has a big peak at 75%, a smaller peak at 80% and an even smaller one at 90%. If you imagine three superimposed bell curves and estimate the areas under the curves, then you must come to the conclusion that the guys with a 90% success strategy are about 1/8 of all tacticians. In other words: Would all share my high success (low blunder) strategy, I would score only in the top 200 or so.


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