Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mapping Chess Mind

After more than twenty-five thousand problems done at Chess Tactics Server I am asking myself all the time what is the most important experience, and how might I take profit from it.

What strikes me most is how simple the elements of patterns and decisions are, and how huge the number of combinations of all these simple things. This brings me back to my idea of the brain as a tidy toolbox. A place for every thing and every thing in its place. A limited set of powerful tools and a quick grip to them.

Failures often have trivial causes. For instance, I miss the possibility to mask a threat, having only looked at take, escape and guard. Plus it could possibly be topped by a more forcing counter-threat. Obviously I have not always a clear picture of all possible decisions in a given situation. Or I miss targets or forget some of my own forces. Nothing complicated, just ordinary simple stuff.

Here are the basic outlines (seven main areas) as I see them at the moment:
  • 4 Basic Mind Steps: 1. Spot 2. Sort 3. Focus 4. Decide
  • Attack & Defense: Spotting targets and forces to attack or defend them
  • Urgency: What must be done first and what can wait?
  • Value: Accounting material win, loss and equal trades
  • Space Patterns (geometry)
  • Time Patterns (tempo)
  • Operations: from simple basics to tactical combinations

I'll come back to each of these map areas in subsequent posts.

CTS performance today: 88% @ 1455 (n=104)


At 12:04 AM, Blogger transformation said...

question. tempo says that he thinks taking a longer time on a CTS problem is equivalent (again, for him) to a failure. i humbly disagree.

since you are working at 88%/90%, and seem to value that experience or accuracy, do you find a significant difference between 91 to 87% sessions and 79 to 85% ones? i dont mean mathematically. but your experience. for me now, a 85% is a botched session. i am always now trying for exactly 90%. if i slip, i slow down.

you will notice my rating nearly unchanged daily 1500: 1499 on occassional moments, then also sometimes 1507/1503, but the percentile keeps going up. now im 84.28%, posted as 84.3.

all i need is do do the next 2,500 problems at 88% (1f/7s= 8 @0.875%), and ill have 22,000 at 85.00%.

i plan to keep this 1f/9s=10 straightline to 30 or 40k, with exceptional bad days, but to me, this 1:8 or 1:10 or 1:9 is a *!LOT!* different a chess way than 1:5 or 1:5.5 or even 1:4.5.

it is a world apart.

warmly, dk

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Mousetrapper said...

Yes I do.


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