Wednesday, September 20, 2006

All Skills Involved

Yesterday I had my best CTS session so far: 94% @ 1442, 199 tries, 57 correct in a row.

Today I looked back at yesterday's problem history and tried to figure out the lack of what skills caused the loss of points. Useless attempt! After going through three done problems I stopped it, because always all five skills are involved.

It takes too long until patterns pop out because my square vision is weak. Pattern vision depends strongly on square vision, but also on the discipline to scan the whole board for targets. This scan, in turn, is easier and faster with a strong square vision.

Maybe move vision is not so important at a CTS level of 1400-1500 which is the range of my problems now. But it will become more important with 1500-1600.

Evaluation is important for the quick decision of where to focus and what to neglect.

And of course discipline is always a main point: Oops, queen is hanging, and I have looked for an escape. Wrong! First look for a check while keeping the queen in mind. Yeah, the winning move was a check, and I have found it, but I wasted too much time considering a passive defense for the queen.

Conclusion: Most of the five skills have to be used all the time in all problems at Chess Tactics Server.


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