Friday, August 04, 2006

Making TFC Fit For Games

A game is no scientific study, and the analysis as I did it in my test is too artificial for practical use. Simple cases such as a piece hanging or en prise, a king in check or threatening mate in one do not require a TFC, because it is clear that these are significant targets. TFC is useful for detecting non-obvious targets. Most significant targets have a TFC score of three and more. But it does not matter if it is 3, 4 or 5, because the position is much more important.

Therefore, I classify targets as TFC positive (score 3 or more) and TFC negative (less than 3). With every move, on average, one or two new targets emerge, and a similar number disappears again. Their lifespan is very different, ranging from one ply to twenty or more moves. On average, four or five targets are present at any moment, but in some highly tactical positions there may be more than ten.

Conclusion: TFC does not eat away much time, and it does only what has to be done anyway in the safety check of every move.


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