Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Garry And Me

Before a game, he carefully adjusts all pieces exactly on the centers of their squares. So do I. He turns the knights so that they look to the opponent. So do I. I wish we had more in common ...

The event was great yesterday. A huge crowd. Very spectacular games. I guess it was the last time ever to see these four legends together.

Let's begin with Victor Korchnoi. The time schedule has been changed in the last minute, he had agreed to play a rapid tournament and then was told it was blitz (5 minutes plus 3 seconds per move). He made the best of it, knowing he had nothing to lose, he refused all draw offers and delivered an epic fight to his old rival Karpov in a game with no less than five queens, four of them simultaneously on the board. I have great respect for this old fighter who ended with just a half point.

Judit Polgar who was there with her baby showed spectacular aggressive chess, against Kasparov she sacrificed a knight in the opening. Great tactician, this lady. An inspiration for us Knights.

Karpov played solidly as ever. Played very slowly in the openings, not fearing time trouble, and in the end he showed his defensive brillancy, finding the right moves in seconds. Great respect for him, too.

But Garry is still a class of his own. The commenters were excited about the harmony of his pieces, working together in an optimal way. And he was the only one who won all his 20 simul games. Garry, come back to chess and forget politics!

Here is a report in German with a lot of pics. And here are the games.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that I had no luck in getting a simul place.


At 9:17 PM, Blogger Loomis said...

I'm very jealous! I wish I could attend an event featuring such great players.

I didn't hear much about the simuls and I was wondering if you know any details about them. I heard the participants were very high rated. Is this true? GK's results are all the more impressive if so. I'd be interested to know the quality of his simul opponents.

At 10:41 PM, Blogger transformation said...

lovely. thank you.

how delectable, how much a treasure to see not only the chess, but the posture, the faces, the expressions, the body language. much appreciated.


At 9:27 AM, Blogger Mousetrapper said...

I guess that most simul players were in the 1800 to 2000 range. I recognized one of the strong players who has about 2200, but he did not play against Kasparov. No chance to watch his simul performance, too crowded as you can imagine!


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