Saturday, August 05, 2006


CTS is Chess Tactics Server. TFC is Target Feature Count. The two have a lot in common. In CTS you must find targets as quickly as possible. That is, exposed kings, unprotected or underprotected pieces that can be attacked, trapped pieces for material win or trapped kings for mate, hanging pieces to be taken or rescued. In other words: You must spot and evaluate target features first and only then proceed to candidate moves.

Thus, I have found a second meaning of CTS: Candidate Target Search, and, after this is done, Candidate Target Selection.

Also, both CTS and TFC are about safety. The good thing about CTS is that you never know who is unsafe, you or the problem or both. You constantly have to be alert. I think CTS training is the best you can do for blunder prevention.

At the moment, my chess training is divided between CTS and postmortem analysis of games (own and master games) using TFC. At CTS I try first to improve my success rate and then my rating.


At 12:50 PM, Blogger transformation said...

i wrote extensively on CTS percentage success and distributions of persons on this subject. if you get a second to look at my post, id be glad. thanks, dk


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