Monday, August 21, 2006

80 Percent at 1452

Yeah. Passed the 80% milestone at CTS yesterday, in a session with roughly 90% at an average rating of 1450. Since I have made my move only if I am fairly sure that it is correct, my success rate has improved by more than two percent now. Also I have gained back 20 rating points.

Update: Today I did a hundred problem session with 94% success at an average rating of 1440.


At 10:22 PM, Blogger transformation said...

mouse, congratulations. this is so awesome! i have been aware of your progress and always see you at CTS. 80.1% is really fabulous. 25,000!

fyi, at CTS i am inches from 84.00% (83.905%) at 16,900 and doing the next 8100 at 87.284% will be 85.00% by 31dec06 for 25,000. 12/88=100 88% or one in eight failed, but, of course, always try for 90..0% and sometimes get it, but, like wormstar wrote today, totally correlated with sleep and rest and renewal.

greetings from the pacific northwest usa.


At 9:01 AM, Blogger Mousetrapper said...

Hey, dk, too much praise, for me 80% is far from fabulous. Just curious: where do you get all these digits after the decimal point? CTS does not show them, does it?

At 8:41 PM, Blogger transformation said...

my older posts elaborate that. in short order, i track every problem with a loose sheet of paper.

lets say, first, with lots of math, i know where i am. or lots of simple arithmetic or tabulation. as i approach say, 83.93, i am getting really, really close to 83.40. yes, cts rounds off. i show as an actualy 84% right now, with rounding off.

so now as i tabulate, i already know where i am, but, if i were slightly off, say by some tiny error or set of errors, since i stop after each problem, as i approach a whole number or decimil, i am checking. then, when i hit 83.99, i am ready to take a close look after success, etc.

then, when it post 84.00, if i do, say, two problems, and then get the third wrong, now ill be 83.99, then i watch and see when the switch happens, back to 84.0, so will confirm my exact calculations.

today i am 2727f/14243s=16970 at 83.9305%. i go to google as my quick desktop calculator. 27f/142s=169 total (fail/success).

i have a girlfriend, she seems to like me the way i am, but, i promise you, im not your average joe as a PERSON.

warmly, david

At 7:55 PM, Blogger Mousetrapper said...

I always thought myself to be a stats freak. Now I finally know what this means. For me, I am happy with what CTS tells me. My goal is to hit the 90% mark once later, therefore I do not care for decimal digits. But I can understand you, because even minute advances may be a source of pleasure.


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