Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Reverse Engineering of my WCW Games

Three months to my next big tournament, Winterthur Chess Week (WCW). Last year I did a lot of puzzles as a preparation. The success was not bad but far from good. This year I have a different strategy. I want to have a close look at my 18 former WCW games with a method that could be called reverse engineering. Will say, disassemble the thing in order to find out the construction plan - a set of simple, logical steps leading to the best move or at least to a good, playable move. That is, my new heuristic.

The heuristic itself looks simple, but chess positions are not. Therefore it cannot be bad to apply the heuristic with well-known (Shredder-analyzed) positions from old games before using it in new games.

Puzzles? No more at the moment. Why not? The shortcoming of puzzles is that you know there must be a tactical solution. In a game nobody tells you. You need a tactic filter. And «Checks, Captures, and Threats» is just such a filter.


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