Friday, July 14, 2006

Back on CTS

Yesterday I started using CTS again. Have been away only some months and see a completely different site now. Has been down for some days or weeks, I heard. Cheaters have taken the top positions. As far as I get from the message board discussion they did not necessarily exploit bugs in the software. Some seem to be memory geniuses, just learning by heart thousands of problems. What use of it? Only the infantile joy of being on top, above all the IMs?

Also CTS has slimmed down and dropped the graphics features that may have slowed down the server too much. The number of tacticians has doubled since I left, but I am still in the upper half of the list. I expected my rating to dive after my long hiatus, but this did not happen. I did 20 problems (17+ 3-) and my rating increased by 20 points. My all-time high is in the range of my RD. Anyway, it seems that the abilities acquired at CTS do not get lost quickly.


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