Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Opponent Leaves The Book

It happens all the time at our level. They play moves never mentioned in any book. Not necessarily blunders. But there is a real chance that they are. After 7. - Qc7 (see my previous post) I did not realize what really had happened. I committed a double time management blunder.

The first blunder was choosing quickly a normal candidate move played in this position. The Queen wants to go to e2 anyway. Here it protects the Bishop. All is ok. I did not play this move fast, though.

And this is my second time management blunder. I used four (!) minutes just to calculate what could happen after 8. Qe2. This is a quiet position and it is completely useless to spend four minutes just to detect minor differences in a position where Black has numerous options to continue.

A better way would have been: «Well, I can always play Qe2 a tempo. But what are the alternatives? Let's spend four minutes to have a look at them.» It's a safe bet that I would have found 8. Nb5!


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