Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dumb Boxers Punch The Guard

So simple a conclusion can be. It hurts to admit own dumbness, but it must be done. I remember a boxer's comment about his opponent after a won match. He is strong, he is fierce, a big fighter, he said. But he is not clever. He punches the guard.

When I look at my last game, on board (not square) level, I see that just this had happened. And surely not for the first time. Now, I try to tell again the stories of my last two games, on board level.

My win against RH: Black attacks target A. White guards target A, leaving target B undefended. Black eliminates target B and realizes the material advantage in the endgame.

My loss against WS: White attacks target A. Black guards target A, leaving target B undefended. White continues to attack A until his forces are exhausted. Black wins the endgame with the forces that once were target B.


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