Monday, June 26, 2006

A Closer Look at the Brain

Of course it is important in chess what happens on the board. But even more important is what happens in the brain. Deep Shredder cannot tell me. I must find out myself. The move is bad. Ok. But why did I make it? A better move would have won. Why didn't I find it? I think these are the sort of questions that may help me overcome my plateau phase. I never really asked myself like this. Just said shit, a bad move, make it better next time. But when I made it in the game I was not aware doing a bad move. I thought that it was a good one. What ideas brought me to this false assumption? I think this is the lesson I can learn from my last game. MDLM called it learn to think. I must find my own way to transfer to the OTB play all the tricks I have learnt in puzzles and on CTS.


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