Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back to Chess

Caissa was not very amused that I have neglected Her for so many months. She punished me and I lost a number of games against opponents I thought weaker than me. Obviously I was weak, too.

What about all the thousands of problems I solved? What about my CTS training? All gone down the drain, as Temposchlucker puts it?

I think this can be explained by the minimum theory that plant growers have developed. You may add tons of nutrients to your fertilizer, but this is useless as long as a single nutrient element is on its minimum. This one determines plant growth.

What is my minimum element in chess? Target spotting, I believe. And that's why I have changed my training. No more puzzles. No more CTS. But analyzing games of my own and of other players, preferably of my level, and practise target search. Learn how to separate relevant from irrelevant targets. Learn how targes grow from seeds, blossom up and disappear during a game.

Since I have started my new target training I played one game and won. Shredder analysis showed that I lost 10 centipawns per move on average which is much better than the 65 centipawns per move in the game that I have lost before.