Friday, November 18, 2005

New Training Plan

Since I began my systematic training, about a year ago, my rating has increased by 0.2 points a day. This is far from the 1/day of MDLM, but for me it is ok. Who knows what if I had played more rated games. Anyway, it is time to review my training.

Tactics, CTS
First and most important to improve here. Tactics account for about 70% of my faults. CTS is an ideal training and testing tool. You watch your performance immediately. My plan is to do about 100 problems a day on a regular basis. Now that I have reached the level of 1500, I want to stabilize it and slowly but steadily go to my next goal of 1600. If I manage to hold my current pace, this will take me half a year or so.

Review of own games
Using Deep Shredder. Identify tactical and positional errors. Learn to recognize weak (mostly: passive) moves and to avoid them. Learn more about my systematic weaknesses. I seem to have a pawn weakness, because most of the missed active moves are pawn moves. Learn to recognize strong pawn moves.

Candidate Move Training
A new possibility offered by the multi-thread analysis of Deep Shredder. My idea: To replay any game, write down one to maximal three playable candidates for every move. Then replay with Deep Shredder. Compare results. Very time intensive, but I suspect that I can learn a lot. Dan Heisman suggested very similar exercises (PV exercise, Stoyko exercise). Plus Deep Shredder allows to rate my candidates in Pawn Units, so this is a training as well as a testing method, similar to CTS, but not restricted to tactics.


At 10:51 PM, Blogger King of the Spill said...

These last several posts are great, very well thought out and extremely objective too. You have created self-study guide that just about any of us Knights would do well to consider incorporating.


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