Friday, October 14, 2005

Tournament Telegram (End)

Seventh Game: 1
October 13. See my last post. I have White. This 1900 guy comes too late, gets into time trouble, but I win after the first time control when both of us have plenty of time left.
Total Score: 3.5/7

Eighth game: 0
October 14. I have White. Senior, once 1900 but now 1730, frequent tournament player. Therefore I found many games online with him as Black. Unfortunately he plays both Sicilian and French, too much to prepare. It was French, and in this opening my book has missing pages. He playes such a line, I follow well until move 5. I am about to play an active bishop move with the shortcoming that it would be traded off. Then I decided to keep it at the expense of a passive move. I did a lot of tactics, but no opening training recently. Now I hear it screaming, this cutting voice: What is opening about? About PIECE ACTIVITY! If a piece cannot be active, get rid of it. But this voice was not screaming, and I moved Be2. This was the beginning of the end. It ended as a miniature. I was crushed. Too late I realized that I could not take back a pawn due to a bishop sac. I must come back to the opening issue in a later post. Just to add: With Black I was ok in all games, and I have a suspiction why. With Black you are under pressure, you MUST get activity at all expense or else you are lost. What I learned: You are also lost as White!
Total Score: 3.5/8

Ninth and last game: 0
October 15. I have Black against a 1800 senior, Guoco Pianissimo, I get a good position, then comes the decision to put a bishop on an active square where it can be taken plus let a pawn isolate, I decide to preserve the bishop and put it on a less active square. (See the parallel to the 8th game!). He gets active counterplay and wins. After the game I win two postmortems against him, so at least my position was equal, but I suppose it was better.

Personal Stats
3 wins, 1 draw, 5 losses.
Total Score: 3.5/9 = 39%
Performance: 1813
Rating points gained: 21

First Comment
I enjoyed it and made a lot of new friends. I took the opportunity to learn from my stronger opponents. They gave me many useful hints for my opening repertoire. If you can make it, come to the wonderful little city of Winterthur in beautiful Switzerland and participate in october next year. Although I missed my goal of 50% clearly, it was in my reach, and I come to believe that I have the potential for a rating close to 2000. More about my strengths and weaknesses in a later post.


At 7:32 AM, Blogger Temposchlucker said...

8th game: If I follow the trendline of his rating he is underrated by now (should be 1840 or so). So be careful. If it is an older guy, those are often weak in the 4th hour of the game. (I always make use of their weak bladder by offering them lots of drinks:)

At 5:29 AM, Blogger Pale Morning Dun - Errant Knight de la Maza said...

LOL Tempo. You are dastardly.

Congrats on finishing your tourney and the rating boost. You were in a strong field. Well done. Incidentally, your playing site looked really nice on the website. I wish we could play in such an environment here in Montana. Unfortunately, we're usually stuck in some crappy meeting room of a Holiday Inn.


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