Monday, September 05, 2005

Mousetrapper is back

After five weeks training as Slowmouse I decided to reactivate my idle identity as Mousetrapper on CTS. I expected to be better after the intensive training with nearly 10000 tries, and yes, I am not disappointed. My new start is 50 points higher than the level when I left. 50 points in 35 days is even a better pace than the MDLM 400 points in 400 days. Already the 1500 come into my reach.

But I am not so sure if I really improved or if there are a lot more weak tacticians on CTS. This would lead to easy problems that are higher rated than before, so that my rating would rise without my tactics being better than before. The number of tacticians has roughly tripled since I joined CTS, and rank 155 (the man in the middle) is now 1432 - so I as Mousetrapper am in the upper half now. When I began the medium value was around 1500 and I was in the lower half.

I proudly present the new CTS king Frizz (IM) - he registered on my invitation, so if I am not and never shall be the the King, at least I am the Kingmaker.


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