Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Trapping, Defense, Counting

These three weaknesses emerge from my recent CTS training. I try to keep a 95+% success rate, unfortunately I did not manage to reach 96% again. I have begun to keep book about my disasters. Very interesting. So I learned that I frequently (3/17) miss a Queen Trapping when there is a near mate on the board. I also miss many defensive moves (5/17) of my own or of the opponent. Very difficult is escape from near mate and then win. I even made counting errors, one by playing too fast, and one in a complicated captures sequence. But I also got this trophy today. I focus my training now mainly on CTS. Really useful motifs, just as in games. Excellent tool. But you have to take time and analyze your blunders. Then it may help to improve. At least I hope so.


At 5:40 PM, Blogger CelticDeath said...

There isn't any strict regimen of post-analysis that I do to improve. Yet, I find that after I while I just learn to sense that, using your example, a queen trap is the issue and quickly try to find the right move. I'm not so concerned about correct solve %, as I am in solving a large volume of positions. When I see the position load, I do a quick scan of the pieces to see where the tactical issues lie. Then (and I'm not entirely consistent with this part) I try to determine if I need to find an offensive or defensive move. Finally, I try to find the correct move. I do try to avoid making a move when I don't feel I understand the position. That's counterproductive in my view.


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