Saturday, July 09, 2005

Targets ready for tactics

When I scan carefully all targets through a whole game I usually find 4 to 8 targets on each side at any given moment. Of course most of them mean nothing, because they cannot be attacked or an attack can easily be parried. The number of targets means absolutely nothing, so the winning side can have more targets than the losing side. In the Korchnoi game I recently analysed the targets I found that Korch, when starting his final attack, had nearly all of his pieces and pawns to be labeled as targets. But of course his opponent had nor time nor means to attack these Ā«targetsĀ».

So, today, I updated my list of Target Filters with a final and decisive filter. It allows to sort out the targets that are ready for tactics. In any case it is important to look at the geometry of the targets: Are they on squares of same color, in the same line or diagonal, on a Knight Circle, or susceptible to a Queen Fork? This can be done in advance: As soon as a new target emerges, just check the geometry with the other targets. I hope that by this method I should be able to find tactical shots in a forced way, not just by intuition.


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