Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Target Scan Training revised

Blogs are no manuals. So be prepared that I revise my training methods all the time. Just one major misconception of my yesterday's post: Target scanning is supposed to take place mainly on opponent's clock, so in a slow game there is no hurry. This means, it can and must be done in a very thorough way. Secondly, even more to blame as a blunder, is my idea to leave pawns Ā«behindĀ» for the moment. Rubbish! If you do not appreciate pawns, then you deserve no better than lose them.

So, here again, is my (revised) list of targets:

  • a King that can be checked
  • an X-rayed King or Queen
  • a piece that can be attacked by pawn or minor piece
  • an unprotected piece or pawn
  • a piece attacked by as many (or more) pieces as defend it
  • a pawn attacked by as many (or more) pawns or pieces as defend it
  • a pawn that must protect a piece attacked by at least 2 pieces
  • a piece or pawn protected only by King or Queen
  • a piece or pawn protected by an overworked piece
  • any square around the King protected only by the King

Now, after every ply, I do a total board scan and enter the number of spotted targets in a pocket calculator. Stop watch running. After an hour or so, I stop the watch and count targets. Besides that, I do some X-Ray Jogging described earlier.

Board Vision Day 21
Target Scanning: 4.72 sec/target
X-Ray Jogging: 1.57 sec/ply


At 11:52 PM, Blogger Temposchlucker said...

Tomorrow I will start with target vision too.


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