Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A slow session on CTS

Today I logged in as guest in CTS and decided to play as carefully as I would do in a slow game. Fastest move was 17 seconds, 5 were below 30 seconds, 2 were exactly 30 and only one more than a minute. Ratings of the problems were between 1180 and 1700. My success rate: 100% of 10 problems. My rating dropped from 1500 to 1060. The shortcoming of this strategy is clear: The system rates you as patzer and serves you only trivial problems. So, unless they set up longer time delays, you have to constantly log out and in again to get problems of a 1500+ level.

Update: I logged in with a second personality as Slowmouse, and after some 30 tries I am now the Percentage King with 97%. The strategy of Slowmouse is to get near 100% and not to care about rating. Interestingly Slowmouse is climbing steadily, and the 1200 are already in sight.

Slowmouse does careful target scans, defensive scans and blunderchecks before he moves.


At 4:34 PM, Blogger bahus said...

I agree completely, CTS encourages to play blitz and doing 10 000 puzzles this way is probably doesn't do any good for my chess playing. I reached about 1500 but couldn't get any higher (However, I managed to get really frustrated and fail to solve bunch of exercises..).

The interface is very good and I'll be using it for the time being but decided to follow your steps:

1.) Forgetting the rating, focusing on the solving percentage.

Today I did 23 puzzles, solving rate 100% and rating dropped 50 points. I expect my rating to drop more but my aim is to get solving percentage over 90%.

2.) Training thought process

I think CTS could be a good way to train thought process. It rewards fast play so one has to fight against it to play carefully. I hope I could slowly adopt a proper dicipline that would also benefit my OTB play.

I'll probably lose a lot of rating points on CTS before hitting a plateau. It'll be interesting to see if this method would make my thinking/scanning faster and thus if I notice an increase in my rating after the plateau I know I'm on the right path.

- bahus


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