Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Defense Patterns

I give away a lot of rating points on CTS now because I move only if I have seen all defense moves. It is interesting to see where most tacticians fail: in positions with a lot of targets that are already attacked or could be attacked or double-attacked. In most cases the winning move is a silent defense move. In the Circles I have learned mostly attack patterns, and so I welcome the many defense problems on CTS. I try to list what I have noticed these days:
  • Taking forward as opposed to taking back: The winner has (a) the richest capture path or (b) the least investment or (c) both.
  • Zwischenzug: Check, capture or threat before taking back, in order to save from double attack or to gain material.
  • Aggressive guard, type I: A piece captures and same time guards an own target, and if this one is taken, the aggressive guard survives after taking back.
  • Aggressive guard, type II: Giving check or making a threat by taking back on a safe square, thus gaining a tempo to save a second target.
  • Double defense: To parry a double attack, one of the targets moves to a safe square where it guards the second target.
  • Desperado: A piece cannot be saved so it sacks itself at highest price and with maximum threats.


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