Monday, July 11, 2005

Blitzing patzing on CTS

Today I lost 15 points on CTS, it was not my day. I fell behind Tempo and had to struggle hard to get him again. 2 mouse slips. Many oversights. Not looking at the whole board. Seeing a move but not believing, then playing wrong. And the like and the like again. Just now I see Tempo struggling to get me again. I suppose he will. I see tomorrow.

At the Zurich garden chess scene at Lindenhof I came by and saw a winning move just the sort of simple CTS puzzles in 3 seconds. The guy took about a minute before he moved. Of course he won with «my» move. Two remarks on this: Chess is about winning, not about winning fast, and CTS is a tough school but helps to get a quick eye.


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