Sunday, June 19, 2005

New focus on Queen X-Rays

I changed my training, using a real board. Take a game. Play the first moves for White and Black. Do 64 Queen X-Ray scans beginning with a8 to h1, ending with h1 to a1 (imaginary Queen positions). Play second moves, repeat the 64 scans. Play third ... Stop time required.

There are some good reasons: I want to improve my OTB vision. I realized that I need 5 to 10 seconds for a Queen scan, 3 times more than for any other scan. A Queen scan is also a Rook and a Bishop scan. A Queen scan from an imaginated Queen (without the Queen being actually there) is an important element of calculation. Doing this on a crowded board with changing positions of pieces and pawns is important for the X-Ray fitness, the ability to look through the pieces.

My dream is once to have a Queen Star pop out as a whole. Because this is not possible, I do a Queen scan in 3 steps. First the Queen Diamond, that is the intersection area of Rook + and Bishop x around the Queen (see below). Then, as mentioned earier, a Rook scan and a Bishop scan. The sequence may vary, according to the position.

x x x
x x Q x x
x x x

Board Vision Day 5
1344 Queen X-Ray scans, 7.81 sec/scan


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