Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Full Scan Program

All this remains to be done: Queen Scans, Knight Scans, Pawn Scans, Chameleon Scans (doing K, Q, R, B, N from one square), done as real scans (from pieces that actually move) or virtual scans (from any position of the board, systematicly or at random), Multi-Scans (2 or more pieces/pawns together), important for trapping and mating. Sounds like a bit of work.

Today, I did Pawn Scans: Play a game, after every pawn move scan the pawn structure that has changed, as a whole. Of course not the Pawns themselves, but the squares they control and the holes they leave open.

Board Vision Day 7
Pawn Scans, 447 moves, 4.16 sec/ply


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