Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Blitz Test successful

Yesterday we had our second club blitz competition. I have been doing my new X-Ray training for a week, and this was my first test. I expected that, if the training works, I should be able to see patterns faster than before, thus becoming a stronger blitzer. And yes, it worked! In my first game I managed to get a better position against a 2000+, it looked ripe for a tactical shot, I used a lot of time to find one, then became nervous and made some weak moves. He gradually got better, and finally won. I made 3.5 points out of 7 games. Compare to the 1.5 points in my first event.

Maybe, for all you others reading my blog, I should explain a bit more what I do. Just looking at a Queen or Knight and the squares it can hit, isn't this beginners stuff? Is this what a graduated Knight Errant, proud member of the Table Round in the Hall of Fame, should do? You may shake heads and call me silly. But then you miss the point. And I ask you: Are you able to look at any position and really see what happens on all squares? Which are under control of pawns or ready landing bases for pieces? Which are under own piece control, which under the opponent's, or under equal control? And, please, do this in one scan, so that all squares of a certain quality pop out immediately.

I only can repeat what other Knights blogged: Beginners see pieces, masters see squares. I want to become a master. So I must learn to see squares. When I say «see» then I am speaking of milliseconds and of the ability to see two, three or more patterns at the same time.

Board Vision Day 8
320 Chameleon X-Rays (K,Q,R,B,N), 10.88 sec/scan

Postscriptum: Here is a similar post of Sancho Pawnza


At 4:30 AM, Blogger Sancho Pawnza said...

Congrats on your Blitz exam!

I think you are on the right track with your squares approach.
Focusing on the squares seems to make a major difference. I really believe solving mates helps with this learning process too.
Here's my first encounter with the squares "popping out" so to speak.

You may have to reassemble the link.
I seem to remember that tags won't work here.

At 11:46 AM, Blogger JavaManIssa said...

Congratulations on your blitz improvement :)

This sounds interesting. I'm going to give it a try, i'll report back any results ;)


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