Friday, June 17, 2005

100 Day Training Plan

X-Ray Vision Training is really great. I do not specially look for threats, but to my surprise they just jump at me. When going through a game with X-Ray-Vision I have the feeling of a switch similar of silent movie to sound movie. I begin to hear pieces talk to me. It is quite a babel of voices and most of them I do not understand. But I am encouraged to proceed this way. And this is my plan for the next 100 days:
  1. Board Vision (X-Ray Vision). Playing master games. Time per ply. 50 days.
  2. Simple Candidate Move Vision: only after checks, captures and threats. Playing master games. Time per ply, percentage of moves seen. 20 days.
  3. Weak Pieces Scan: Loose pieces (first and second grade), overworked pieces, cramped pieces. Playing master games. Time per spotted target. 20 days.
  4. Checklist Training: All 12 steps of my Checklist for Thinking. Playing amateur games, taking the role of the winner. 10 days.
  5. Play 9-round Swiss Winterthur Chess Week.

Board Vision Day 2: Topalov games
648 full moves, 4.72 sec/ply (simple x-ray)


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