Thursday, May 05, 2005

Tunnel view

Spent some thoughts on backward moves (thanks for the remark, Tempo). There are three reasons why we miss them. One is camouflage that is inherent in the position itself (crowded board). The second one is a bad habit in our brain that I call tunnel view. We focus our attention on an area roughly the size of a Knight's reach, where we want to mate the King. So, if the mate requires a Queen switch to the corner h1 or so, we can spend minutes without finding the mate. The third one is the preoccupation that attacking means moving pieces forward. If we wipe this preoccupation out of our brains and if we adopt the habit of always scanning the whole board, I am sure we get at least half of the solutions we missed before.

Day 135 update
Circle 3: 880/1280 done, 85% (-2), 1:08 min. p.p., 5 days left


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