Saturday, May 14, 2005

Simple and complicated patterns

Yes, positional patterns are kind of simple, if not commonplace. I completely agree with Temposchlucker. And the number of positional patterns is quite limited. Dozens maybe. Compare this to the hundreds of tactical patterns, if we take all combinations, their number is infinite.

Yet this is also true: Tactics is essential to be a master, but to become a grandmaster you must be excellent in tactical AND positional play. Right? Then positional patterns should be a higher level? Wrong! Kind of a paradox, I must say. But I have an idea. The key may be not the patterns itself, but the decision when and how to apply them. In tactics this is simple: Either it works or it fails. In positional play there are never such yes/no decisions, but all shades of more/less. May we say that tactical thinking is digital and positional thinking is analog? And that analog thinking is more complicated (there is no analog computer yet). What do you think?

Day 144/155 of the MDLM program.
Circle 4: 640/1280 done, 4 days left
Stats: 92% (C3:88%) success rate, 40 sec. p.p.


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