Friday, May 13, 2005

Seven patterns for a win

That's how I won yesterday as White. I tried to figure out the patterns that were useful. Of the 7 patterns I identified, 5 were purely positional and 1 was mixed, but of course tactics was the key to win the decisive advantage.

  1. Play solidly in an unknown opening, using general principles of development. (My opp lost time, so ...)
  2. Trade off the strongest opp piece. (Remaining opp pieces were poorly developed ...)
  3. Open center when ahead in development. (Gave me the opportunity to ride a mating attack ...)
  4. When parried but still have pressure, retreat and switch target. (I doubled rooks in the center ...)
  5. Demolition of pawn structure by temporary knight sacrifice. (Yeah, here is tactics! Won a pawn ...)
  6. Swap pawns to create an isolated pawn as target. (Opp was forced to passive play ...)
  7. Trade off pieces when pawns up, in combination with removal of the guard. (After that I was 3 pawns up ...)

The ending was quite funny: My opp chased my king with queen checks (to prevent me getting a second queen) but I was quite happy because he chased my king from g2 to g6 where he helped my queen mate on g7.

Game stats update
Rating at start MDLM program: 1627 (official)
7 games played, 5-1-1, 79%, 53 points gained
Actual rating: 1680 (self calculated)
MDLM progress rate: 0.37 points/day (400 points in 1068 days)


At 11:52 AM, Blogger Temposchlucker said...

The positional goals are often quite simple and obvious. If it is possible or not to do what you want is always based on tactics.


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