Saturday, April 30, 2005

My Goddess Caissa

I've seen some Knights blog about Her, but I always had my doubts if She really existed. But then I saw Her right in front of me, in all Her breathtaking beauty. My heart pounded. My tongue was dry. I found no words. Worship, I thought. This is our duty as Knights Errant. Desperately I tried to grab a word, but my brain was empty. Then I heard Her crystal clear voice.
«What did you to please me, Knight?»
«I was allowed to solve eighty of your puzzles today, my Goddess Caissa. This is a great honour for me, a common Knight. I did find a lot of good moves ...»
«Temerity», she cut my word, «from one not yet a master. There is no such thing as a good move!»
«But are we not required to always find good moves, or more than that, try to find the best?»
«That's what they all think, these Knights.» She sighed. «If you really want to serve me, find the required move. There is always one, and only one. All other are errors or even blunders. Tell me more, Knight!»
«In eighty removals of the guard, I found seventy-seven required moves.»
«Temerity from a common Knight to praise himself! Stop these words! You better confess what happened yesterday.» Her voice was now sharp as a razor.
I mumbled something as I felt very honoured to be allowed to confess my faults in front of Her, and that She lend me Her precious ear. Yesterday I had missed a lot of double attacks. I confessed this and begged for Her pardon and said I will do anything to find all the required moves there in order to please Her.
«So you miss double attacks, Knight! Many of them do, because they do not recognize loose pieces. I see that you do not know what such a thing is.»
«I do, my Goddess, I do. A loose piece is one that is neither protected nor attacked. If attacked, we would call this a hanging piece.»
«Tries to be smart, this Knight. But speaking nonsense.»
«Nonsense, my Goddess?»
«Any definition that misses the slightest part of truth is nonsense. I see you never will master double attacks as long as you do not spot all those loose pieces in any given position.»
Loose piece, I murmured, not attacked, not defended, just lonely. What else ...
«I help you once, Knight. Look at this rook that is defended once. Can we call it a loose piece?»
«Oh, now I see. Defended once, attacked once. So the sum is again zero, and we call it a loose piece of second order, and as such it is prone to any double attack.»
«Trying to speak smart again, this Knight. You better do my exercises well. If you please me and if I like, you may see me again in the fourth circle.»
I tried to answer, but away She was.


At 1:23 AM, Blogger Temposchlucker said...

Have you seen my glue lately? Must have left it somewhere around here. . .

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Nezha said...

I noticed that it's getting empty very fast nowadays..

At 11:11 AM, Blogger Mousetrapper said...

Hope you did not sniff. Bad for the brain.

At 8:26 PM, Blogger Pawn Sensei said...

Good show! I have yet to see the Goddess. You are blessed.



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